Linda Rader Overman: author photo
Photo courtesy of
Elliot de Picciotto 


Linda Rader Overman’s work encompasses fiction and nonfiction consisting of a collection of multifaceted elements including photographs, narrative portraits, images, texts, personal and social history, poetry, letters, and diaries.

She writes that “photographs of my intersection with self and history are images that have a profound impact on the way I remember my past.”  She takes much of her inspiration from the works of former screenwriter, novelist, and TV producer Paul Rader, along with the photographic works of former San Francisco-based portrait-photographer William James Rader, respectively, her uncle and her father both now deceased.

Overman was born in Hollywood, California in 1951, graduating from Hollywood High in 1968. After a nine year career at KNBC-TV, where she met and married her husband, and had a son and a daughter, Overman returned to school and received a B.A. in English Literature in 1997, an M.A in Creative Writing in 2001, followed by an M.F.A in Creative Writing in 2003. She received her Ph.D. in Creative Writing in 2014 at Lancaster University, Lancashire, UK. She is proof to all those interested in combining a career, family and education that it is possible to successfully do so. Today, with the choice of online mba programs and other distance learning systems, it might be considerably easier. If one is disciplined and focused, studies can be happily balanced with raising a family and being a prolific worker. Her work appears in many anthologies and magazines.  And she teaches English at California State University, Northridge.

LETTERS BETWEEN US, tells the story of writer Laura Wells who attends a memorial service for her best friend from childhood, Katharine Taylor. Her body was found in a garbage dump near Santa Barbara, California. After she obtains some boxes of her own correspondence with Katharine and entries from Katharine's diaries, Laura begins her 26-year journey back revealing unimaginable secrets.  As a result, Laura discovers a Katharine she thought she knew and didn't.

Selected as a Finalist in the National Best Books 2008 Awards: Fiction & Lit: Chick Lit/Women's Lit category sponsored by USA Book News. Selected as a Finalist Novella & Finalist Best Book Cover Design Fiction categories of 2009 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. Many thanks to Professors Kiara Koenig, Eve Caram and Tina Love for making Letters Between Us required reading in their Literature classes at Butte College and California State University, Northridge, respectively.